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We specialize in building Shopify Stores.

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Shopify Migration
Shopify Migration
Shopify Migration
Shopify Migration
Shopify Migration
Shopify Migration

Let's Work!

We are a team of 5. We are developers, data engineers, and e-commerce enthusiasts. We have been registered Shopify partners since 2017, and have maintained a 5 star rating throughout. We love helping brands brings their vision to life!

Build a Shopify Store from scratch.

We can help bring your vision to life. Full service projects to take you from zero to hero on Shopify.

Update your theme

Themes get old. You might need an upgrade. Let us help spin up a new theme for you, so you can save time and get back to your business.

Migrate to Shopify

Move your store to Shopify to get access to the latest tools and take back control of your site.

Migrate to Shopify

Migrating your entire catalog, content, data and SEO can feel like an impossible task while running your business. But the tools in Shopify are too good to pass up.

We have streamlined the process of migrating online stores to Shopify. We will handle all the data for you - as well as the entire set-up side of your Shopify account and theme. The finished product is fully functional migrated store, ready to be launched on Shopify.

Migrate To Shopify Succesfully

For sites and product catalogs of all sizes, our migration process has been fine-tuned over the years to get results. Are you tired of working with a stiff platform lacking tools or resources? Are you sick of paying developers to make minor changes to your site? Have you been holding off on a migration for fear of losing your hard earned SEO?
We can help you.


Title, Description, Inventory, Price, Images, Extra Fields, Attributes, Downloadable Files, Pricing/Inventory Rules, HTML Styling


All content pages with meta-data such as about, contact, and any informational pages. Complete with 301 redirects to retain SEO.


Customer data: Name, Email, Phone, Addresses, Order History, Gift Cards, Store Credit and other related info.


Product reviews embedded on each unique product page.


Product sorting rules, tags, and category content


301 URL Redirects for all products, collections, content pages, blogs and other pages to keep your current search rank and SEO intact.

End-to-end Migration Projects

We will run the entire migration process for you. We start by exporting, crawling, and capturing the data from your current site. We clean, and import this to Shopify. Finally we will fully set up and design your new site to your brand specifications.

We will bring you and your team up to speed on how to manage your new Shopify site, and when your ready to launch, we will help you seamlessly make the transition.
Shopify Migration

Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from some of our clients who are selling on Shopify.
"Every aspect of the process was an absolute breeze. Ben’s knowledge and experience with Shopify backend and his technical skills in general made what is typically a nerve burning exercise a delightful experience with a +10 outcome. Needless to add…I would engage Ben & his team and of course, recommend him highly!"
Engle Seaz
Atlantic Rancher
"Ben was really great to work with. He was fairly priced, super responsive, always available for questions, and performed quick and quality work building our website. We received several quotes and I interviewed them all. Interviewed well and performed even better. Cronk is a real pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend."
Jeffrey Morris
Primal Spirit Vegan jerky
"Ben was awesome! He made sure everything transferred over properly from our last site and was there every step of the way to make sure we understood everything. Highly recommend Ben for all your Shopify website build needs."
Mike Medeiros
EPM Performance